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Supporting the scene from the underground up. bedlam threadz

BEDLAM THREADZ is supporting the scene from the underground up!

We know how difficult and time consuming it is to produce music. It can be a thankless and fruitless endeavour with little to no return without the right connections, or have unlimited funds to spend on marketing. That is why we have launched this project. We have created a line of clothing that will directly benefit independent artists as 25% of the proceeds of these shirts will be used to purchase music from Independent artists in the Electronic Music Scene.

How it works: Every time you purchase one of these products we will directly buy music from a pool of independent artist through their legal sales channel (Googleplay, Itunes, Beatport, etc.) This will have multiple benefits as they will receive rank/chart recognition for our purchase and will also be paid through their existing service. As an added bonus we will promote on our social media every track/artist that we purchase from.

How do you get into the pool? Getting into the pool is easy. All you have to do is supply the information for the independent artists in the comment section at the bottom of this page (Social Media and Sales Channel Link). We will then verify that the artist is indeed independent and that they are selling songs they own the rights to. Once that is done they will be added to the pool on THIS page.

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  • Hi,

    I’m an independent artist with music out on all major platforms, and love the idea of this project. Thanks for bringing it! I’d love to be included in this. If you require any further info, please let me know. Big up ya chest!!

    Vinyl Fixx

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