How it works: The Artist Program is an opportunity for artists to have their own original works modeled in 3D and printed as filament paintings or other suitable products.

The Process: Original artworks are submitted to and will be assessed for the viability of the process. Not all artworks are suitable for the process which involves modeling the artwork for layering carefully chosen colors of bio-plastic filaments at precise heights in order to produce blended hues and depth. The process to model can be time consuming depending on the project.

Benefits: Converting your artwork into 3D models allows for multiple benefits. Many artists have large volumes of digital assets that could be converted into 3D paintings using this cutting edge unique process. This allows artists to create an alternate revenue stream from work they have already completed. This also allows artists to offer these unique products to their existing fan base. Your existing clients may not be able to afford, or have space for another tattoo, but would love to have a unique piece of your artwork hanging in their home or office.  Artists that join the program and choose to retail through Bedlam 3DZ will also enjoy the benefit of promotion of their fully attributed products, which could in turn provide additional tattoo clients as well.

Rights: Artists retain all copyright to their original works. Prior to modelling the submitted artwork three options will be offered to the artist as to what will be done with the asset. Artwork can be retailed online through Bedlam 3DZ, retailed physically in your own studio, or retailed online through other channels not related to Bedlam 3DZ. Artist may choose any combination of these options. Items sold through Bedlam 3DZ will net the artists 25% of the retail price of the framed painting as commission. Products not retailed through Bedlam 3DZ for a minimum term of 1 year may incur a modelling charge depending on the complexity of the process for the specific piece and the number of pieces being ordered. The modelling fee is a one time charge.

Production and Fulfilment: Depending on the product the artwork is used for, production time can vary. On average a painting and frame take about 10 hrs to produce after the modelling process is complete. For products that are retailed through Bedlam 3DZ products will be printed on demand and fulfilled. For all other options a time-frame will be advised once the project and quantities are assessed.

For any other information not provided here please feel free to reach out to me and ask.