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This is the complete, preassembled TD-1 by AJAX 3D. No soldering or any other assembly is necessary with this option. The current software version is loaded and updates will be included with this purchase. TD-1 connects directly to your PC that is already running HueForge. When you insert filament, you’ll automatically be presented the new filament menu within HueForge.

This unit uses custom cutting edge software to measure the transmission distance and HEX color codes of your filament in order to correctly predict Hueforge outputs. Simply stated transmission distance is a measurement that determines how much light can be transmitted through the filament. It is fairly technical in nature but you can liken it for this purpose to opacity of paint. This measurement allows for accurate blending of filament colors when producing 3D printed art. This will also allow 3D printers to quality control prints for large batch orders and make sure there is consistency in the spools they are utilizing for projects of various uses. 

Check out my own 3D Filament Paintings collection to see what is possible HERE.




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